Khwarizmi International Award 17th Session -2004

17th Session Khwarizmi International Award Laureates 


  Name of the KIA Laureate Country Scientific Affiliation Category Research Work Title
Prof. Noboru Fujihara Japan

Kyushu University, Dazaifu, Japan 

Fundamental Research  Most Advanced Techniques for Reproductive Biology to the Conservation and Restoration of Endangered Wild Animals      
Dr. Sanjaya Rajaram India

Calle Luis Cabrera, Satelite, India

Fundamental Research Wheat Breeding, for Iran
Prof. Alexander Ramm USA Department of Mathematics, Kansas State University, Manhattan, USA Fundamental Research One – Dimensional Inverse Scattering and Spectral Problem
Prof. Narinder Mehra India

Department of transplant immunology & immunogenetics, alms A.I.I.M.S  University, New Delhi, India

Fundamental Research Transplant Immunology and Immunogenetics
Prof. Shi-Yao Zhu China

Dep. of physic, Hong Kong Baptist University, China

Fundamental Research The Cancellation of  Spontaneous Emission Via Quantum Interference
Prof. Yaakob Bin Che Man Malaysia

The University of Putra, Faculty of food science and  biotechnology, Malaysia

Fundamental Research Development of Rapid Instrumental Methods for Fats and Oils Analysis (Palm Oil Products)
Dr. Tasawar Hayat Pakistan

Mathematics department Quid-i-Azam University, Pakistan

Fundamental Research Peristalsis of Non – Newtonian Fluids