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The Khwarizmi International Award shall consist of

  • An engraved Trophy
  • a Certificate, the certificate shall bear the inscription of the awardee's contributions, and the signature of  H. E. the President of the I. Rep. of Iran.
  • a Certificate signed by the chairman of the KIA 
  • a Cash prize of  up to US Dollars $ 7,000.
  •  Five  days academic visit to the I. Rep.of Iran, including the delivery of lectures in different scientific institutions.

International Organizations Sponsors Special Prizes

International organizations grant special prizes to the KIA Laureates.


The selection is made by the KIA Grand  Jury according to  criteria fixed and determined by the International  Sponsors.


The candidature is submitted to the International  Sponsors,  for approval, before the official announcement.     


National Section
For the award details, Nationals  KIA Laureates are kindly invited to consult the Persian Section of the website .